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Change Healthcare is one of the largest, independent healthcare technology companies providing software and analytics, connectivity, communication, payment, consumer engagement and workflow optimization solutions. Our integrated capabilities enable our customers to obtain actionable insights, exchange mission critical information, optimize revenue opportunities, control costs, increase cash flow and efficiently manage complex healthcare workflows.

The foundation of our solutions is embedded in our Intelligent Healthcare Network™, which facilitates the capture and standardization of healthcare data seamlessly in our customer’s workflow. Our intelligent healthcare platform underpins the United States healthcare system, benefiting all major healthcare stakeholders: commercial and governmental payers, employers, hospitals, physician practices, laboratories, pharmacies and consumers.

Over the past decade, the digitization of healthcare information has been robust, accelerated in part by regulatory and government incentives that have enabled providers to embed technology directly into their clinical and administrative workflow. At the same time, policy makers, payers, employers and individuals are increasingly focused on improving value in healthcare and constraining cost growth. This backdrop has driven the need to not only collect the data, but also a deepened understanding on how to achieve improved quality and value outcomes across the continuum of care.

Change Healthcare’s Intelligent Healthcare Network™, the single largest financial and administrative network in the United States, reaches approximately 750,000 physicians, 105,000 dentists, 60,000 pharmacies, 5,000 hospitals, 600 vendors, 450 laboratories and 1,200 government and commercial payers, allowing us to bring actionable data, analytics and insights to the healthcare ecosystem.

Our network processed approximately 8.1 billion healthcare-related transactions, covering $1.2 trillion in claims, in 2014. We have developed our network of payers and providers over 30 years and connect to virtually all private and government payers, claim-submitting providers and pharmacies in a hybrid cloud-based, user-centric and secure infrastructure environment.

Our solutions are designed to interface with our customers’ existing technology infrastructures, utilize actionable data from our Intelligent Healthcare Network™ and automate key processes in the healthcare workflow.

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